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Kálmán Várady


1958            born in Hoffnungsthal/Rösrath

1979 – 84   Academy of Media Arts Cologne - Creative Painting

1986            Master student of Prof. Werner Schriefers
Kálmán Várady lives and works in Cologne



since 2013 presentet from the Galerie Kai Dikhas, Berlin.

Galerie for competeri Art of Sinti and Roma

Aufbau Haus am Moritzplatz – Tel. 49(0)3034663643 –







Selection of Solo Exhibitions


1982 Birth of first child LUNA

1984 Birth of second child SÁRI

1984 Wachsfabrik, Cologne, Germany
Gallery RAP, Maastricht, The Netherlands

1985 Gallery Im alten Kloster, Cologne, Germany

1986 Gallery Appendix, Wuppertal, Germany

1989 Gallery Sysyphos, West Berlin, Germany

1990 Birth of third child MARIA Gallery Duna, Budapest, Hungary

1991 Birth of fourth child JANNA Gallery Kunstgarten, Cologne, Germany

1992 Gallery Zur Hofstadt, Oberfrick, Switzerland

1995 City Museum Siegburg, Germany - Exhibition Catalogue

1997 Birth of twins PIROS and ZOE Gallery Seidel, Cologne, Germany

2000 Gallery Im Turm at Bürgerhaus Stollwerk, Cologne, Germany

2002 Gallery Herbert Schäfer, Cologne, Germany

2003 Palladium Pallas GmbH, Cologne, Germany

2005 Gallery West Side Studio, Cagliari, Sardinia, Italy

2009 Gallery Bannegaad – “Schnautzi the miracle dog”, Munich, Germany

2013 Galery Kai Dikhas Berlin, Gypsy Warriors

2014 Galery Display cologne – ROMAMOR

2015 Chambre d ami Munic – ROMAMOR

2015 Galery Kai Dikhas Berlin – La Familigia







Selection of Group Exhibitions

1984 Simultanhalle, Cologne, Germany

1987 Art Academy of Cologne, Germany

1988 AWF Bonn, „Grafik der Gegenwart“, Bonn, Germany - Exhibition Catalogue

1989 Gallery Im alten Kloster, Cologne, Germany

1991 East-European Cultural Center, Cologne, Germany

Arts Society BASTARTS

1992 Gustav-Stresemann-Institute, Bonn, German

Vasarely Museum, Budapest, Hungary

Arts Society BASTART - Catalogue

1993 Paul Luchtenberg Foundation, Burscheid, Germany

1994 365 - Arts Society Langenberg, „Grundsteinkiste“, Germany

Exhibition Catalogue

Art Multiple Düsseldorf, Germany

Art Cologne, Germany

1995 Deutsche Welle, Cologne, Germany

Glassaal Mediapark, Cologne, Germany

1996 Gallery Seidel, Cologne, Germany

1997 „Skulpturen auf dem Stoppelfeld“, Cologne, Germany

„Auf goldenem Grund“, Euskirchen, Germany
Tuchfühlung I“, Arts Society Langenberg, Germany

Exhibition Catalogue

East-European Cultural Center, Cologne, Germany

„Coincidence XII – Free – Tibet“

1998 RWE Park Essen – „Meteorit“, Essen, Germany

Gallery Zum kleinen Schwan, Baden, Switzerland

Gallery Neef – Sculpture Garden Cologne-Sürth, Germany

Simultanhalle Cologne – „15 years Simultanhalle“, Cologne, Germany

1999 Art mile Cologne-Kalk – Awards Ceremony, Cologne, Germany

2000 State museum of Lippe – „Tuchfühlung I“, Arts Society Langenberg, Germany

Gallery Neef – Sculpture Garden Cologne-Sürth, Germany

Gallery 68 elf - „Art Chairs“, part of the „Passagen“ Cologne, Germany

Art mile Cologne-Kalk – „Arts against racism“ at Kaufhof, Cologne, Germany

2001 Agrippa Bad Cologne „Fifty – Fifty“

Purchase by the „Bäderamt“ of the city of Cologne (six permanently installed display cabinets), Germany

2002 Gallery 68 elf, part of the „Lange Nacht der Galerien“, Cologne, Germany

Gallery Jump Shit Rat, Liverpool, Great Britian

25 years of town twinning Cologne - Liverpool

Deutsches Museum Bonn – „Motherboard“ - Catalogue, Germany

Artwork in the old weaving mill of Langenfeld - „Motherboard“, Germany

2003 Fraunhofer Gesellschaft for Graphical Data Processing (IGD)

Darmstadt - „Motherboard“, Catalogue House Art, Germany

DASA Gallery in the German labor protection museum - „Motherboard“, Dortmund, Germany

2006 Fraunhofer Gesellschaft Munich – Art meets Science - „Motherboard“ at „Fraunhofer Haus“, Munich, Germany

2008 Exhibition Hall, Zoo Cologne - „Art at the zoo“ , Germany

2008/9 City museum of Cologne – „The forgotten Europeans – art of the roman – roman in the art“, Catalogue

Het Duvelhok – „Verloren Paradijs“, Art of the romans, Tilburg, The Netherlands, Catalogue

Arts mile Cologne-Dellbrück – 1st place of the district art award, Cologne, Germany







Study Tours


1980 Morocco, Africa

1983 Algeria (Sahara) / Niger / Dahome / Togo / Nigeria, Africa

1985 Turkey

1986 USA, Mexico

1989 Venezuela, South America

1995 Morocco, Western Sahara,-Mautitania, Senegal, Africa

1999 Morocco, Western Sahara, Africa






Installation Art


1984 „ Loko Azamgun”- Voodooritual - Wachsfabrik Cologne, Germany

1985 „Not Konform” - Voodooritual - Klosterkapelle Cologne-Porz, Germany

1986 „Just a splinter of the cosmos ” - Voodooritual –Werkkunstschule Cologne, Germany

1989 „Private Cults” - Voodooritual - Klosterkrypta Cologne-Porz, Germany

1990 Artist society BASTARTS

„Flußabwärt”- Donau Gallery, Budapest, Hungary

1991 „Templo Amazonika”- Hagen Fabrik Cologne, Germany

1992 „Donau Orakel” - Vasarely Museum Budapest, Hungary

„Templo Youruba” - Hagen Fabrik Cologne, Germany

1993 „Voodoo agency Cologne - Society of united deities, Cologne, Germany

1997 „Free Tibet”, Germany

1999 „Muvez Club Budapest”, Germany

„Made in Cologne - Kalk”, Germany

„Theatre de sangre”, Germany

2000 „Art against racism - no to intolerance”, Germany

2007 „Magreb”- Art Club Cologne, Germany

2009 „Tortugas Dream” - Art mile Cologne, Germany







Plays ( writer / director )


1999 „FREE TOWN” (Mime Theatre) environmental study, Cologne-Kalk, Germany

2000 „The Gym Time” A play in six pictures – Art against racism,

Written and directed by Kálmán Várady and Johann Camut, Germany








1990 „End Times” (shot in 35 mm) 30 min. Adem Yilmaz / Kálmán Várady

1999 „Crossroads” (EB) 35 min. Camera: Daniel Handschuhmacher